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An Overview of Kaletra – Composition, Treatment Regimen, Safety Profile, Switching Guidelines, Side Effects, Cost, and Personal Testimonials

Overview of Kaletra – An Antiretroviral Medication for HIV Treatment Kaletra is an antiretroviral medication widely used in the treatment of HIV. It is composed of two active ingredients, lopinavir and ritonavir, which work together to suppress the HIV virus and prevent its multiplication in the body. Kaletra is available in tablet form and is specifically designed to be taken orally. It is crucial to strictly follow the prescribed dosage and guidelines provided by healthcare professionals to ensure its maximum…

Is Kaletra the Best HIV Medication Choice? Understanding Its Impact, Dosage, and Cost

Short General Description of Kaletra Kaletra is a combination medication used in the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection. It contains two active ingredients, lopinavir, and ritonavir, which belong to a class of drugs known as protease inhibitors. Protease inhibitors work by blocking an enzyme that HIV needs to multiply, thereby reducing the growth and spread of the virus in the body. Active Ingredients: Lopinavir and Ritonavir Drug Class: Protease Inhibitors Indications: Treatment of HIV infection Manufacturer: AbbVie Inc….